All-purpose foot (T)

Like All-purpose foot (J), All-purpose foot (T) is used for general sewing and embellishing tasks, as well as for patchwork. On its side is a black button for locking the presser foot. This ensures even feeding at the beginning of a seam, and thus a consistent stitch pattern. It’s also an ideal help when sewing over multiple layers of fabric or thick seams. All-purpose foot (J) will help you create attractive garments and home furnishings in next to no time. With models such as the bernette 20, 25 or 92C, the All-purpose foot (T) comes as standard; for the other machines, it’s available from the extensive bernette sewing accessories range. Discover the countless uses of All-purpose foot (T), and give life to your personal sewing projects, quickly and effortlessly!

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All-purpose foot (J)

The All-purpose foot (J) is suitable for common sewing tasks, as well as for decorative stitching and patchwork projects.

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