All-purpose foot (J) more Information

All-purpose foot (J)

The All-purpose foot (J) is suitable for common sewing tasks, as well as for decorative stitching and patchwork projects.

All-purpose foot (T) more Information

All-purpose foot (T)

The black button on the side of All-purpose foot (T) enables you to lock the presser foot before you begin sewing, or when sewing over thick layers of fabric such as seams.

Button-sewing foot more Information

Button-sewing foot

In addition to buttons, the bernette Button-sewing foot lets you sew on eyelets and other embellishments.

Buttonhole foot (B) more Information

Buttonhole foot (B)

Buttonhole foot (B) lets you sew corded and uncorded buttonholes, as well as allowing you to tackle other creative decorative projects.

Buttonhole foot with slide (D) more Information

Buttonhole foot with slide (D)

Buttonhole foot with slide (D) is suitable for duplicating corded or uncorded buttonholes as many times as wished.

Zipper foot (I) more Information

Zipper foot (I)

Give free expression to your creativity with the Zipper foot (I) for both easy and demanding sewing projects, zippers, and piping.

Seam guide more Information

Seam guide

With the seam guide, sewing straight edges and parallel seams is child’s play.

Standard soft cover more Information

Standard soft cover

The Standard soft cover protects your bernette from dust and dirt, and the hole for the carrying handle ensures easy transportation.

Blind hem foot (L) and (F) more Information

Blind hem foot (L) and (F)

Blind hem foot (L) and (F) both let you sew attractive blind hems on garments and home furnishings. They’re also used for topstitching straight edges.

Cording foot and Cording foot (M) more Information

Cording foot and Cording foot (M)

The Cording foot lets you couch several thin cords or yarns in a single operation.

Darning/​Embroidery foot more Information

Darning/​Embroidery foot

Designed to work with free-motion stitching, the Darning/Embroidery foot is ideal for darning holes and other damage to the fabric.

Hemmer foot and Hemmer foot (K) more Information

Hemmer foot and Hemmer foot (K)

The Hemmer foot features a scroll which turns the fabric under twice and holds it securely in place until it is sewn. This produces attractive, narrow hems.

Walking foot more Information

Walking foot

The bernette Walking foot makes quick work of feeding sticky fabrics thanks to a second set of feed dogs on the top of the foot.

Gathering foot more Information

Gathering foot

The bernette Gathering foot gathers and ruffles fabrics, and with the help of the slot in the presser foot stitches these ruffled pieces directly to a flat piece of fabric.

The 1/​4“ Quilting foot more Information

The 1/​4“ Quilting foot

The bernette ¼“ Quilting foot is ideal for patchwork quilting. Thanks to its design, it offers a good view of the quilting area at all times.

Invisible-zipper foot more Information

Invisible-zipper foot

The bernette Invisible-zipper foot is ideal for the elegant insertion of in-seam zippers in garments or home dec projects.

Satinstitch foot and Satinstitch foot (clear) more Information

Satinstitch foot and Satinstitch foot (clear)

With the bernette Satinstitch foot or Satinstitch foot (clear), it’s easy to create decorative embroidery, satin stitching, and sewing projects with cording.

Overcasting foot (G) and (E) more Information

Overcasting foot (G) and (E)

Overcasting foot (G) and (E) are ideal for neatening edges, as well as for producing decorative ribbing, hems, and satin stitches.