bernetteSeville 3

Retro look reminiscent of early sewing machines

  • 8 stitches

  • Automatic bobbin winder

  • Needle thread cutter

  • Snap on presser feet

Feed-dog drop
The bernette Seville 3 is a great machine at an affordable price. With variable stitch width and an assortment of practical and decorative stitches, the bernette Seville 3 helps you turn your sewing dreams into stitched projects!


Automatic bobbin winder

For even winding of your bobbins. The winding stops automatically when the bobbin is full.

Snap on presser feet

Presser foot soles to suit any task. The most frequently used presser foot soles are supplied as standard. Additional soles are available from a wide range of accessories.

Needle thread cutter

Easy cutting of upper and lower threads when removing the sewing project from the machine.

8 stitches

Six utility stitches cover a variety of sewing techniques, and stitching four step standard buttonholes is easy as 1-2-3-4. There's also a decorative scallop stitch for embellishing your garment and craft projects.

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